The Best Hair Accessories for Fine Hair

The best hair accessories for fine hair can be hard to find. If you have fine or thin hair, accessories often don’t stay in. Clips, barrettes, combs, bands, and jaws go on and look great for about 3 seconds, and then they’re swinging down by the side of your face or just landing on the floor. Maddening!

Other than an old-fashioned rubber band (which is BAD!), what can you do when it comes to finding hair accessories for fine or thin hair? Lots! (Good hair products can’t be understated!) Read our suggestions below, and be sure to choose the best hair accessories for fine hair you can find!

  • No slip barrettes: Barrettes offer control, IF you can fins ones that will stay in fine, thin hair!
  • Hair Clips: Gotta have the right ones to work in baby fine or thinning hair
  • Hair Extensions:  Yep, these are the ultimate fine hair accessories!

Other accessories: 

Headbands: Headbands that work best for fine or thin hair are the plastic ones with teeth. They may need to be adjusted occasionally, but they don’t weigh the hair down or move around like the fabric or leather ones do.

Rubber Bands: Well, as luck would have it, rubber bands work great in thin hair particularly, and in fine hair as well. These are horrible for your hair…we can’t say it enough, do not use rubber bands for thin or fine hair – period! They pull and tear, breaking and damaging the hair you’ve taken such great effort with.

No-Slip Pony Tail Holders: Once again, these are great to keep your fine hair tangle free, but you have to have lots of it for these to stay in. For very thin hair, they can be too slippery if you’re involved in any type of movement or activity.

Combs: These get a lot of press as being great for fine hair, and they do look great, but if you can get these hair combs to stay put in thin hair for more than five minutes, hats off to you.

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