Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles for Fine Hair

We can learn a lot from these top 10 celebrity hairstyles for fine hair! We all know how difficult it can be to style fine hair or even get it to hold a style for any amount of time. Why then, do celebrities make it look so easy? “Fine” refers to the diameter of the individual strands, so it is possible to have thick or thin hair that is fine.  

What do celebrities with fine hair have that you don’t have? Nothing!  All you need is a talented hair stylist that will select the right cut based on density and texture along with the expertise to complement your face shape.  Should you have long hair? Short? Color? Bangs or no bangs?

Below are ten celebrities with fine hair. Although you may not have the resources they do, you can still learn something from celebrities in regards to selecting the right cut based on their hair type, face shape, and the amount of time you’re willing to spend with your hairdryer.

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow:  With obvious fine strands that accompany most natural blonds with straight hair, you usually see Gwyneth sporting hairstyles that don’t fight her straight locks. Her hair looks best very sleek or with loose waves just above the shoulder. Even a close crop works well with this hair type. Hair this straight and fine, however, doesn’t need to be worn below the shoulders.
  2. Gwyneth PaltrowCameron Diaz:  One of the best known celebrities with fine hair, this actress’s fine, usually multi-blonde hair looks great short or long. Although some fine hair becomes weighed down when it becomes too long, the amount of product in Cameron’s hair gives it a coarse texture and gives it a look of fullness. Her subtle layers on her ends helps with this as well. Also, the several shades of blonde in her hair gives it dimension and the illusion of having a lot of hair. The key to this style is product, product, and more product  Image of Cameron Diaz from
  3. Zoe Saldana:  This Dominican and Puerto-Rican beauty has very little natural hair to work with, but you would never know it. She treats her gorgeous tresses with moroccan oil treatment before spraying it with volumizing spray and styling with a blow dryer and round brush. She finishes with a shine serum. The subtle variations of brown gives it dimensions and makes it appear much fuller. Zoe Saldana
  4. Michelle Monaghan:  The “Made of Honor” star has fine hair in a refreshing rich brunette color that looks amazing in a short bob or long layers. Her hair is always very glossy, which you can do by combing a shine serum through your hair before blow-drying (don’t do this if your hair is really thin, or you will look greasy). If your hair is thick, you can take the serum to the roots. If not, start pulling it through your hair at the top of the ears.Michelle Monaghan
  5. Kellie Pickler:  One of the most popular celebrity hairstyles for fine hair, Kellie’s baby fine hair always looks full and soft. Hair this fine and thin looks best above the shoulders, as we have seen with the asymmetrical cut she sported a few years ago and the short bob she has had recently. These styles tend to hold very well with the right products and make your hair look full. Kellie Pickler
  6. Michelle Pfeiffer:  If you have very fine, thin hair like Michelle, the right haircut will make all of the difference in the world. Keep hair above the shoulders with subtle layers that angle the face and subtle layers in the back as well. Keep layers long as layers throughout will only thin hair further. The key here is to find volume! Root volumizer and mousse are essential before blow-drying, followed by a weightless shine cream applied from ear down and set with a volumizing hairspray.Michelle Pfeiffer
  7. Renee Zellweger:Arguably one of the finest actresses in Hollywood, Renee Zellweger is one celebrity famous for not faking her fine hair. Her short bobs and face-framing layers add a little volume and soften the style. With confidence and a big smile, anyone can pull off this hairstyle.Short fine hair a 'la Zellweger
  8. Diane Keaton: This timeless Oscar nominee looks gorgeous all the time. Her fine, polished hairstyle stays relatively unchanged as a modern layered bob that will never go out of style. We love that it looks sophisticated but requires minimal work and products. This hairstyle looks great on any face at any age!True fine hair style from Diane Keaton
  9. Winona Ryder:  Her fine, dark hair has seen both quirky and elegant hairstyles over the years and all have been suitable to fine hair. If you are digging her pixie chic styles from the 90’s, get your hair chopped into any layers, spread pomade all over your fingers and start piecing out the layers before setting with hairspray. This will work even with super fine hair if the cut is super short! If you like her more recent, graceful shoulder-length ‘do, use mousse before blow-drying and then serum. Winona Ryder
  10. Charlize Theron:This South African beauty is stunning enough that it really doesn’t matter what her hair is doing. Fortunately, her hair is gorgeous too. Charlize’s hair is fine and thin, which can be good because it is easy to style; it’s just holding the style that is the trick! Use mousse and root spray to add volume, use a round brush while blow-drying, style, and set with a quality maximum hold hairspray.

Charlize Theron