Choosing Fine Hair Care Products

Fine, thin hair requires using the best fine hair care products you can find. High quality fine hair care products can make a significant difference in how fine, thin hair looks and feels!

How do you know which products will work for you? Should you use mousse? Hair thickener? Powder? What about hair spray? Shiner? Gloss? Some of these products are essential for lifting fine hair, but some may be too weighty for yours. It’s a matter of trial and error, but be sure to use one for at least a week to  see how it goes.

Sticking with the winners begins with knowing the tried and true products that work.  Salon hair care products are a good bet – ask your stylist which ones he/she recommends. They are always happy to give you free samples to try (and great to tuck away for when you travel so you don’t have to carry a full bottle of the good stuff!).  Browse the Allure Hair Products page for ideas and comparisons. Good hair products come and go, but there is always something new on the horizon! Browse our site for information on the best fine hair care products, reviews and more!