Help for Fine Hair FAQ!

What makes fine hair…fine? What’s the difference between fine hair and thin hair? Can you have fine and thin hair, or fine hair that’s thick? Should you perm fine hair? Color it? Is it hereditary, or can you ‘toughen it up’? Browse our fine hair faq and begin to understand the art and science that goes into making fine hair look amazing!

Question: What is the difference between fine hair and thin hair?

Answer: Fine hair refers to the thickness of each individual strand. Women with even very fine hair may have a lot of it, but each hair is smaller in diameter. If they have both fine and less of it, then they may have what is considered to be both fine and thin.

Question: Can you use conditioner on fine hair?

Answer: Yes, you can – and should – use conditioner on your hair! Fine hair is very prone to snarling, and pulling through it after a shampoo can be brutal. Use just a tiny bit of conditioner – maybe the size of a pea for shoulder length hair, and apply it to the length of the hair starting at about ear height and working down. This is just enough to make your hair silky smooth without going the limp noodle route!

Question: For hair that is fine, is long hair out of the question?

Answer:  Definitely not out of the question, but it also depends on how much hair you have. You can have very fine hair but lots of it. If that’s the case, you can wear it as long as you like. If you have very fine hair that is also thin (meaning you don’t have a lot of it), you may need to decide what is probably the optimum maximum length for the best results. Give it a go – follow your salon professionals’ suggestions to the letter for keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Question: Is it alright to perm fine hair? Thin hair?

Answer: Perming has gone the way of the dodo bird, but if you insist… Perming is a chemical process that seriously degrades the hair, and those with fine hair cannot afford to risk the negative results. No matter how gentle, there is no safe perm for fine hair – it probably is something you want to stay away from. Concentrate instead on making your hair and healthy as possible with help from your salon professionals.

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