Winter Hair Care Tips for Fine Hair

Yep, it’s cold. And windy. And dry. Time for winter hair care tips for fine hair.

Although the summer sun, wind, and water definitely take their toll on fine hair, winter hair stress is just as damaging. One of the most obvious results is dryness…both from the cold and wind as well as from right indoors where we don’t always have enough moisture in the air. Remember your science class where they taught you about static electricity? If you start looking like a dandelion gone to seed when you get up in the morning, your hair is crying out for some moisture.

When fine or thin hair becomes dry, it appears dull and lifeless. It may not style easily, and won’t hold a curl throughout the day. No matter how much you spend on a great hairstyle for your fine hair, winter dryness can cause you to wonder what’s up – don’t blame your stylist!

Outdoor conditions are brutal on your hair at this time of year. If you ski or snowmobile, or spend any length of time at all outdoors, the sun, wind and cold temperatures combine to create a harsh environment for gentle hair. And if you wear a hat all winter, well…you get the picture. Hat hair extraordinaire.

There are some winter hair care tips for fine hair that can help keep your thin or fine hair shiny, manageable and healthy all winter long:

  • Use the gentlest shampoo for fine hair you can get away with at this time of year. need all the natural oils you can get without making your hair greasy. Just as you do with your skin, make sure your hair is dry before you go out.
  • Always, always use a conditioner. Every time you shampoo. Use a leave-in conditioner once a week.
  • If you must use a blow dryer, hair curler or straightener on your hair, be sure to use a product to help protect your hair like Redken SatinWear.
  • Massage your scalp frequently, either with your fingers or by brushing with a natural bristle brush. Scalp stimulation encourages circulation.

One new product that adds bounce and verve to dry hair is John Freida’s Luminous Glaze. Very similar result to salon glazes and you can have it any time you want!

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