Fine Hair Color Highlights

If you’re looking for body and texture, fine hair color highlights can do one of two things: give your hair fullness, shine and depth, or leave it dry and damaged.

There are all types of products out there that make a lot of promises for improving your hair color and texture…although these products can indeed add body, texture and managability to fine hair they can, if not done with care and professional knowledge, leave your hair dull, lifeless, dry and brittle.

If you have fine, thin hair, leaving the color and highlights to a professional is only good sense. Choose a stylist who has experience in this area. (Just like stylists who specialize in curly hair, fine hair is definitely another specialty area.)

Can Over Processed Hair Be Repaired?

Fine hair is prone to breaking easily, and can be damaged by over-processing.

Gentle shampoo, deep conditioning, careful use of products, and protecting your hair from heat: blow drying, hot irons, curling irons, etc. If your hair is very damaged, you may need to begin with a fresh cut.

Using the right conditioner in fine hair can be tricky, but will definitely help your hair maintain it’s natural bounce and shine. You either a) don’t use enough and tangles ensue, or b) you use too much and your hair is limp and greasy looking before you even leave the house.

Stylists Who Specialize In Coloring Fine Hair

Knowledgeable salon professionals will teach you what you need to know about your fine hair highlights and your particular haircoloring needs.  Don’t settle – there are lots of stylists out there who can help you nail your look, and keep your hair shiny and healthy.

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