clip in hair extensions

Fine Hair Extensions

Quality hair extensions for fine hair are like a magic bullet! Now, you can enjoy gorgeous hair…glamorous, sexy, long hair like you’ve always dreamed of.

Today’s products come in all ranges of applications, styles, human and synthetic, semi-permanently attached or as clip on extensions…the ultimate fine hair accessories!  Good quality extensions are must-haves for many well-known celebrities with fine hair.

As the technology of hair extensions improves, so does the product appearance and it’s impact on your own hair. Like anything else having to do with fine hair like ours, quality is crucial. If you’re going to go for hair extensions, spend the money for good ones!

Will hair extensions harm fine hair? Anything with glue, sewing or weaving…forget it . Human hair extensions applied with a protein bond can help to maintain the health of your hair and when they come out, it remains undamaged. These hair extensions take about five hours to complete, can last anywhere from 2-6 months, and can cost anywhere from $1500 to $2000 or more. Sounds like a lot, right? Just think how absolutely drop-dead gorgeous you’re going to look, not to mention how it will make you feel.

Clip on extensions are also a great option. Quality hair extensions for fine hair that are easily attached only when you want them in the comfort of your home also come in varying degrees of quality. You have a choice of long, short, straight or curly extension clips. Again, if you have limp fine hair, then human hair clip extensions will go that extra distance to give you the best look possible.

If you’ve had fine limp hair all your life, you won’t believe how wonderful this is. Schedule a consultation with your salon professional to talk about what hair extensions for fine hair might work best for you. Or, shop for quality fine hair extensions online and try them yourself.  Browse our site for more fine hair tips!