Rock The Thin, Fine Hair Products!

With all of the sprays, creams, mousses, lifters, volumizers, serums, yada yada, it is easy to lose track of the latest innovations in fine hair care.. While mousse has maintained its prominence in the area of increasing hair volume for the fine-haired, there are new products out today that do what we love about mousse: increasing volume and manageability, but are superior to mousse in controlling static, increasing “good” shine, avoiding the crusty feel mousse can create and adding bounce.

Below you will find descriptions for some of these newer formulations and how they may benefit your fine tresses.

1.  Dry Shampoo:

Fine and thin hair is benefiting from the application of a new formula to an old idea of putting powder in your hair, dry shampoo is usually a spray powder that is used to partially clean the hair and soak up oil in the event that it’s impossible or impractical to wash hair with water and regular shampoo.  Why is dry shampoo for fine hair one of the best new innovations in fine hair care? Well, it soaks up oil, and while the results are temporary, it can be reapplied and reapplied and reapplied! So maybe you like camping. Or maybe you have a long trip planned where you won’t be able to wash your hair before the grease sets in. Luckily, dry shampoo has become so recognized and useful that while a few years ago it was only available at beauty supply stores, you can now find it just about anywhere. And while it was made by primarily salon suppliers in the past, it is now produced by just about every large hair care company. Keeping a trial size can of dry shampoo in your purse could change your life if you are one of those who by the end of the day can wring the oil from your hair.

2.  Shine Serum:

Whatever the texture of your hair: curly or straight, flat or frizzy, there is a shine serum for fine hair made especially for you! Why are these necessary you ask? If you have to ask, then you’ve never owned a good one. A shine serum smooths strands, reduces static and flyaways, while creating some major shine (the good kind). And since all possessor’s of fine hair recoil at the mention of a product that adds shine, let us say that the fine hair formulated shine serums do not weigh hair down and can be applied fairly close to the roots, the result being a glossy look, not oily. Some serums are applied before blow drying while others are the final step to your routine. Make sure the bottle states that it is for use on fine hair and follow the directions, careful not to use too much.

3.  Styling Balm:

This fairly new styling aid increases hair’s softness, adding bounce and improving manageability without weighing down hair. If you struggle with flyaways or static, you will love the way that this products controls them both. Available mostly in salons or in the higher end hair care lines in drug stores, this is an expensive product, but a little goes a long way and a bottle should last you several months.  A salon styling balm for fine, thin hair is a great option for a number of styles.

4.  Styling Cream: 

It’s function is similar to that of mousse, adding body and lift, but in a creamy formula that leaves your hair easier to handle and creating less static than a mousse. Working it through damp hair before blow drying is your best bet for improving manageability and making your fine hair appear thicker.

5.  Thickening Spray: 

Fine hair is notoriously prone to falling limp. Thickening spray can actually increase the diameter of your strands by holding to the hair shaft and basically adding an extra layer to the hair, making it appear thicker. Most thickeners contain ingredients to nourish and strengthen hair (such as wheat protein) and help repair damage done to it by heat and the environment. For this product to work, blow drying is required, and the result will be hair that is tamed.

6.  Root Lifter: 

Sold in mousse and spray forms, root lifters are applied to damp hair and must be blow dried and styled immediately for results that are not sticky. This is a product people with fine hair benefit greatly from as it expands each hair at the root, lifting it up and creating the illusion of voluminous hair. It also generally has strong staying power, allowing you to maintain a style that won’t fall flat halfway through the day. Another benefit to root lifter is that it keeps hair from lying directly on the scalp, so it takes longer for the hair to soak up oils. When blow-drying after applying, blow dry first closely to the root until the hair there is dry and then do the remainder of the hair. Just about everyone with fine hair should use root lifter and even the cheaper drug store brands can help roots out immensely.