Really good no slip barrettes for fine hair can be hard to come by! You know the drill: you put it in, it slips out. You put it back in, its flopping around like some kind of weird hanging hair ornament! Barrettes don’t stay in baby fine hair unless they are designed specifically for that purpose.  Good barrettes can be one of your most important hair accessories!

Barrettes with Grips: Fine hair responds quite well to these – just be sure they aren’t too weighted down with rhinestones, beads, etc. These are great because they come in all sorts of sizes and can be dressed up, down or whatever.

French Barrettes: Fine hair and thin hair needs all the help it can get when it comes to hair clips. If you have fine hair but lots of it, these may work for you; you’ll just have to experiment. If your hair is thin, French barrettes will probably never work in your hair.