Fine Hair Care Tools: What Works?

When it comes to finding fine hair care tools that do the job without the damage, there are a few key pointers to remember. Fine hair requires particular attention, from shampoo and conditioners, to finding just the right haircut and color! There are, however, a couple of things to consider – when shopping for the best tools for fine hair care, keep a few things in mind:

Hair Dryer:
It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t dry fine hair with a blow dryer, but let’s be realistic here! Of course you’re going to do that, and probably more often than those with thicker, more voluptuous hair. And to top it off – the stakes are higher! If you don’t blow dry it just so, it’s gonna be a looong day.

    • Let your hair dry naturally for as long as you can before putting the dryer to it. As soon as you feel those fine ends starting to lose the moisture, it’s time.
    • Never use the highest heat setting – use the warm or cool setting, and you if you have a blow dryer that allows you to give a “shot” of heat, that’s perfect. You can completely control how much, and yes – less is more! Be sure to always use the nozzle attachment – it keeps the heat further from your hair.

Curling Irons:
Very careful here! Curling irons can cause your hair to be dry, brittle and breakage ensues!

    • Purchase a curling iron that has temperature controls. Fine hair doesn’t require the high heat to curl that typical hair may require, and may cause damage.
    • Ceramic curling irons are a great choice for fine hair; they provide a level of smoothness and consistent heat that is helpful in styling fine hair, and gives a sophisticated finish to bangs if you have them.

Hair Brushes for Fine Hair:

    • Of all the tools for fine hair care, the right brush is probably the most important! For medium or longer fine hair, natural bristle brushes: fine hair responds to natural boar bristles. The perfect hairbrush for medium or longer fine hair, they provide lift and shine, and allow natural oils to keep hair looking healthy. Smaller boar bristle styling brushes are good for a bit of ‘tease” to heighten or enhance your hair.
    • Depending upon the length of your hair, the brush you use can dictate the bounce, shine and buoyancy your hair displays.
    • Smaller diameter synthetic brushes or bristle brushes for short fine hair act as a hair roller when you heat it up with the blow dryer.

Also, consider a cushioned Hair Brush these are particularly gentle on fine hair that is longer.

With the right fine hair care tools and the best hair care products,  your thin or fine hair can be healthy, bouncy and gorgeous! Contact us with questions or comments!