A  few curling tips for fine hair that make gorgeous locks  easy!

If there is one silver lining around the “dark cloud” of coping with fine hair on a daily basis, it has to be curling. Fine hair, for the most part, responds really well to hair curling techniques of all types. Even if your hair is fine, thin, and uber straight, there is a pretty good chance one of these hair curling tools will work beautifully for you:

  • Velcro rollers
  • Hot Rollers
  • Curling Irons
  • Straightening irons
  • Pin curls (bobby pins)
  • Soft fabric rollers

A couple of helpful curling tips for fine or thin hair:

Use Velcro rollers on fine hair.

You know, the kind that stay in all by themselves – works great!  You do need to be a little careful not to rip them out when you’re done, but unroll gently.  If you blow-dry your hair until it’s 99% dry, put them in, give ’em a shot of hot air and let them sit for just 10-15 minutes, you’ll be amazed at how great the result is!

  • Tip: you can also touch them with hairspray while they’re sitting…gives a little extra hold.

Curling Irons

These are great tools, of course, but using a curling iron on fine hair can be brutal if you aren’t careful. Be SURE to use a heat-protecting product and begin with a medium heat setting. Roll not from the very tip of the hair, but just to about 1/2 – 1/4″ from the bottom. (You’ll get fried ends otherwise…) The tousled look is a good way to go, since you can roll at random each time you do it.

Ceramic Flat and Straightening Irons

Love these for fine hair if it has any length at all. The ceramic is kind to your hair (use that heat-protecting product!) and gives a really shiny, smooth and bouncy texture to fine and thin hair it is otherwise difficult to achieve.

  • Tip:  Use this tool first even if you are curling with velcro or other curling devices.

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