How I Cheated on Redken…

The quest for big, sexy hair for thin hair “sufferers” is never ending. As a committed and loyal Redken hair product fan for more than 10 years, it’s difficult to admit that I have strayed. Secretly at first, until the excitement and joy at finding a new love has become impossible to contain.  There – it’s out. I have used Big Sexy Hair shampoo on my fine hair. Multiple times. After many years of faithfully using Redken Extreme exclusively, followed by several other Redken products on a daily basis (which I have yet to give up on), my infidelity is out of the closet.

Big Sexy Hair vs. Redken – Smackdown?

The reason I tried Big Sexy Hair shampoo in the first place was happenstance. I simply could not find a large bottle of Extreme anywhere. Without any shampoo at home, and a crisis looming large, I grabbed it as a last resort, thinking I’d just make do until I could get my Redken later in the week.  I used it once, twice, three times, and the results were nothing short of fantastic.

  • Unlike a lot of shampoos that are designed for ‘volume’ (aka sticky, stiff and icky), this shampoo provides body, bounce, and not an ounce of that hard-to-blow-dry finish that ends up looking dirty within a few hours.
  • Price point is MUCH more reasonable than Redken – about 25% less, actually.

It’s still early…the blush of this new relationship hasn’t worn off. Could this be the real thing?  A long-term relationship?  We’ll see!  All I know is that so far, finding the right shampoo is never easy, but the results using Big Sexy Hair on my fine, thin hair are tremendous. I may have to try a few of the other Big Sexy Hair products if this keeps up!  Redken? You’re on notice!