Is it a good idea to cut bangs for thin hair …that is the question!

When it comes to those of us with fine or thin hair, bangs get a lot of attention! Because we spend so much time trying to find ways to make our hair look fuller and thicker, bangs provide an opportunity to do just that.

But can we spare it? That seems to be the real question. If we designate the front section of our hair – the “expensive real estate”, so to speak, to be cut short and even layered, what will that do to the way our hair looks falling around our face?

Bangs for thin hair

If your hair has a bit of length to it, these are some things to need to think about before deciding whether or not to go with bangs:

  • Options: Some ways you can give the illusion of fuller hair are to add some color or highlig hts around your face. Also, if you’re an earring lover (don’t laugh, this works!), sporting bigger earrings can frame your face and take away from the thinner hair around it.
  • Adjustments: Maybe you don’t need full about just a hint of a bang? Explore this with your stylist…sometimes layered sides can help without having to actually cut full bangs.
  • ProductsStyling products for fine hair are critical!  Use Redken 06 thickening lotion or Full frame 07 to give body, fullness and “oomph” to your fine bangs!
  • How about….no?: Maybe you just need to rethink the bang idea entirely…think about going in just the opposite direction! If you feel you can get away with it, let your hair grow long enough to pull back into a sleek, smooth pony tail or updo.

Once you weigh out the pros and cons of cutting bangs for thin hair, do some research and see who else sports bangs with thin hair. This is one area where browsing magazines and hairstyle sites may be helpful!