Dry shampoo for fine and thin hair is one of those “come-again” products. Years ago, women used to use baby powder or corn starch in their hair when it was greasy and they didn’t have time to do the whole shampoo

Dry shampoo for fine hair

thing.  (After all, not everybody had super-duper hair dryers, curlers, hot rollers, or ceramic smoothers.)  In the 1960’s and 1970’s  there was a product called Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo – an early precursor to what we have today. It worked, but it wasn’t as lightweight as what’s out  there now, nor did it work nearly as well – particularly for the fine-haired crowd!

For fine hair, dry shampoo is a great product! If you’re sick of washing your hair every day (sometimes twice for some of us), it can be a huge help. However, the key to using dry shampoo in fine or thin hair: less is more!  Read the instructions, and start by using less than is recommended until you get the hang of it.