Best Product Picks For Fine Hair

For those of us with fine hair, the products are the thing! If you have fine hair, you are probably always looking for the best product picks! For fine hair the requirements include shampoo that cleans thoroughly, conditioner that is lightweight and leaves hair shiny, and products like hair thickeners that aren't heavy, gooey, or  make your hair look dirty. Here are a few items we like: Big Sexy Hair Shampoo - like this a lot, although once [...]

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Big Sexy Hair Shampoo: Thin & Fine Hair Favorite?

How I Cheated on Redken... The quest for big, sexy hair for thin hair "sufferers" is never ending. As a committed and loyal Redken hair product fan for more than 10 years, it's difficult to admit that I have strayed. Secretly at first, until the excitement and joy at finding a new love has become impossible to contain.  There - it's out. I have used Big Sexy Hair shampoo on my fine hair. Multiple times. After many years [...]

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Dry Shampoos For Fine, Thin Hair?

Dry shampoo for fine and thin hair is one of those "come-again" products. Years ago, women used to use baby powder or corn starch in their hair when it was greasy and they didn't have time to do the whole shampoo thing.  (After all, not everybody had super-duper hair dryers, curlers, hot rollers, or ceramic smoothers.)  In the 1960's and 1970's  there was a product called Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo - an early precursor to what we have today. It [...]

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